About EPCA

EPCA, the European Petrochemical Association, is a Brussels-based international non-profit organization and network of chemical producers and companies. It currently counts more than 640 member companies of which more than one third is situated outside Europe.

It is one of EPCA’s key objectives to help people everywhere in the world better understand what the chemical industry does and to show that the chemical industry is a caring and good industry to work for. Chemistry indeed helps the global population to have access to food, drinkable water, health and health care, energy - and emission friendly buildings and transportation, clothing, communication tools and new sustainable technologies for the future. In 2011 EPCA made a film “Chemistry : All About You” to raise awareness with the general public and especially the young people on the many contributions that chemistry makes in people’s daily lives all over the world. This initiative will be followed up by a second film that will come out in the first half of 2013. It will show young people that the chemical and logistics industries offer them exciting, rewarding jobs with the perspective to help build tomorrow’s world, a lot of opportunities for personal development and challenging careers, including travelling and working internationally.