Ethical statement

Ethical statement for Xperimania

1. Activities aim to be relevant and add educational value to teaching and learning.   

2. Materials do not encourage unhealthy, unsafe or unlawful activities.

3. Cefic and European Schoolnet offer these materials with the aim of promoting interest in chemistry, materials and petrochemistry among young people in Europe, with the long term goal of increasing interest in scientific and petrochemical careers.

4. Cefic and European Schoolnet make every practical effort to ensure that all information supplied is accurate and current.   

5. Cefic and European Schoolnet will not promote any sales messages via this project.

6. Specialist resources required by schools to utilise or demonstrate the activity are highlighted from the outset.   

7. Materials produced respect diversity of gender, race, disability and cultural issues.

8. Branding is kept low-key.

9. Activities are developed in partnership with teachers and educationalists.   

10. Resources are carefully labelled and should specify both source and target audience where relevant.   

11. There are no restrictions on schools in return for the distribution of the materials/provision of resources e.g. data collection of pupils; restricted use of suppliers.

12. Cefic and European Schoolnet strive for scientific accuracy, and a balanced view on issues which cause debate.