Online chat on career opportunities in chemistry

Did you ever want to work with chemistry? Do you know about the variety of career opportunities in the chemical industry? On 14 March at 2 pm CET Fabian Scuvie, R&D Advisor for Training at essenscia, the Belgian chemistry association, will answer European students’ questions on these topics during the next Xperimania expert chat: "What career opportunities are there in the chemical industry?"

Is it necessary to be a chemist to be able to work for the chemical industry? What do I need to study for a career in the chemical industry? What kind of career prospects do the chemists of tomorrow have? Students from secondary schools in Europe have a unique opportunity to pose their questions to an industry expert and learn more about the numerous opportunities that the chemical industry provides. For further details, please see the background article “What career opportunities are there in the chemical industry?”

This chat’s expert, Fabian Scuvie, graduated in Chemistry and Management.  He started his career in 2002 as technological advisor for SMEs in the field of technological innovations at CeRDT, a Belgian state-related organisation addressing the valorisation of new technologies. In his capacity as Advisor for Education, he has very broad knowledge of all qualifications and profiles required for a career in the chemical industry.

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