Dr. Susannah Handley met European schools in an online chat on fashion

What’s the link between fashion and science? Pupils taking part in the first Xperimania chat for schools, held on 25 October 2007, got the chance to explore the topic with an expert guest. Children from schools in 10 countries posed their questions to the invited expert, Dr. Susannah Handley, on the theme “Fashion: how nylon and modern artificial fabrics came into our lives”.

Schools from 10 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden) participated in the first Xperimania chat session. The participants asked questions that focused on major topics including the recent research on intelligent clothing, the properties of materials such as Gore-Tex®, and the influence of synthetic clothes over the industry of athletic footwear.

The expert scientist Dr. Susannah Handley responded with pleasure to all students’ questions. More than twenty five queries arouse in an hour. The online discussion continued longer than planned because of the great enthusiasm of pupils who kept on asking more questions!

The results of the first Xperimania chat for schools were very positive, with many schools writing in after the event to thank the organisers for setting up the chat. Belgium teacher Eleni Kyriaki commented on the chat, saying: “Thank you for giving me and my class the opportunity to take part in the first Xperimania chat. My pupils enjoyed the preparation and the participation. They were eager to post their questions”.

“It was nice to really "see" all the other countries that participated, a feeling of togetherness” mentioned Ingela Bursjöö, a teacher from Sweden. “Thank you for the chat; it was really nice to have that many nationalities talking about the same topic and getting answers to their questions.” added the Hungarian teacher Timea Szentgyörgyi.

“The chat was very exciting, especially the fact that we were in direct contact and received answers from a great specialist such as Dr. Susannah Handley.” commented the students from XIg class Maths&Science School, Shumen, Bulgaria. “She gave us a lot of professional, interesting and useful information about nylon, modern artificial fabrics and how they come into our lives. Thank you for giving us the wonderful opportunity to be in contact with people which are at the front of science.”

The next Xperimania chat for schools will take place in December. Interested schools can already register by sending an email to xperimania@eun.org with the subject "Xperimania chat".

Here is a photo gallery with pictures taken during the chat. Click on a picture to see a larger version of it. To find out more about the online discussion, click here to read the chat transcript (PDF format).

SEK Budapest International School, Hungary. Teacher coordinator: Timea Szentgyorgyi
Platon School, Greece.
Teacher coordinator: Anestis Papadopoulos
CP Serra Gelada School, Spain.
Teacher coordinator: Bernat Martinez
SEK Budapest International School, Hungary. Teacher coordinator: Timea Szentgyorgyi

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