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Xperimania IV finishes: winners, awards and results

The fourth edition of Xperimania, “Equality”, was successfully completed.
The competitions were open from February to October 2011 and 65 schools from 16 different European countries participated. This means almost 600 kids directly and 1000 kids indirectly from Europe learned more about the word of chemistry thanks to Xperimania.

Winners of Xperimania IV

The fourth edition of Xperimania, "Equality" was successfully completed!

The competitions are closed!

Thank you to all participants for their contributions. The winners in Equality 1 and 2 will be invited to the Award Ceremony taking place in Brussels on 21 November.

All the winners will be officially announced on the website as of November 22.

Note: the winners of the first prizes of competitions 1 and 2 have already been notified

Competition deadline extended and rewards for all

Seize the opportunity to take part in Xperimania before 15 October. Teachers will also be rewarded with Xperimania materials for their class!

First Xperimania entries: Congratulations!

Xperimania welcomes the first entries to Competition 1, “Portrait of a Woman Chemist”. Discovering the pharmacist’s skills, the food industry and female experts in chemistry, participants from Romania and Bulgaria have sent in videos and presentations illustrating the role women play in chemistry. All entries can be viewed in the online gallery and are accessible to all schools.

Win wonderful prizes for you and your students with Xperimania!

Xperimania's challenging competitions on the “role of women in chemistry” are now also open for students 6 to 12 years old. Get your students to prepare their entries during summer, upload them in September, and get a chance to win a trip to Brussels and special Xperimania kits, including gadgets and materials for you and for your pupils. Deadline September 30. See the prizes and the different categories.

Surprisingly fun science: Great success for Xperimania workshops

The Xperimania Science Ambassadors’ tour in spring 2010 reached nearly 400 students in schools across Europe. Both teachers and students were very happy with the science workshops: "I never thought chemistry could be so much fun," was how one participant summed up his experience.

Last stop Slovenia: Xperimania Science Ambassadors close the tour

As a closure of the successful Xperimania tour, the Science Ambassadors visited Stari trg pri Ložu in Slovenia on 1 June 2010. During the three workshops that were organised, the ambassadors managed once again to convince the students of the fun side of science.

Seven workshops in two days – Xperimania Science Ambassadors in Birmingham, UK

Altogether 150 students took part in the Xperimania chemistry and physics workshops during the Science Ambassadors’ visit to Birmingham, UK, on 29-30 March 2010. Despite the typical English rainy weather, the mood in the classrooms was full of excitement and enthusiasm.

Xperimania ambassadors visit sunny Alcanede in Portugal

The second stop on the Xperimania Science Ambassadors’ tour was the Alcanede middle school in Portugal. Xperimania ambassadors led two workshops, during which students and teachers had fun with science.

A successful start for the Xperimania Ambassadors’ tour in Maramureş, Romania

The Xperimania Science Ambassadors received a warm welcome on their first school visit in the Traian Vuia school in Tăuţii Măgherăuş, Maramureş, Romania. Both students and teachers enjoyed the Xperimania workshops and learned more about Chemistry and Physics through fun experiments.

Xperimania Ambassadors’ pilot workshop in Spain

As a prelude to their Science Workshops tour, the Xperimania Ambassadors organised pilot workshops at the IES Ibáñez Martín School in Lorca, Spain.

Xperimania Science Ambassadors to visit schools in Romania, Slovenia, Portugal and the UK

From February to April the Xperimania Science Ambassadors will be on the road to demonstrate the fun side of science to pupils around Europe. Due to the high number of interested schools in the Science Ambassadors’ call run in autumn 2009, the jury decided to reward three extra schools with the ambassadors’ visit.

Get ready for the Xperimania Science Ambassadors

Would you like to show your students the coolest chemistry and physics tricks and find some new ideas for your science classes? This year Xperimania sends science ambassadors right into the classroom to demonstrate the fun side of science - and your school can be one of their destinations!

Take part in the students’ survey on Xperimania

Even if the second year of Xperimania is starting, we want to know your opinion on Xperimania. Teachers had their say in a survey conducted in the summer and now it’s the students’ turn!

What’s inside your media player?

Millions of portable media players have been sold over the last few years. Young people are especially crazy about this hi-tech gadget. But have you ever thought what’s inside this digital device and what makes it so handy?

Xperimania competitions’ deadline extended to 31 May 2008

The deadline for the Xperimania competitions has been extended to the 31 May 2008. Due to the new deadline you have 2 months more time to participate and win attractive prices – media player and a trip to Brussels!

Take part in Xperimania competitions and get a funny gadget – deadline extended to 31 May 2008

Secondary school students all over Europe have until 31 May, 2008 to participate in the Xperimania competitions. Each participant will get a fun gift for each entry submitted between 1 April and 31 May. Overall winners will receive media players and a trip to Belgium including a visit to one of the largest petrochemical research centres in Europe.

Xperimania has published an eTwinning project kit

The Xperimania project kit is now available on the eTwinning home page ( The ready made project kit provides a step-by-step guide for teachers to conduct Xperimania activities or participate in one of the attractive competitions!

Xperimania Press pack is now online

The updated Xperimania Press pack is now available to download in the section 'Press material' on the project website.

Make science education a fun experience with Xperimania

Europe is facing a crisis in science education with fewer and fewer students pursuing studies or careers in science. Xperimania ( aims to combat students’ bad perception of chemistry by offering fun yet simple hands-on activities to help teachers revitalise their teaching, and raise awareness of petrochemistry among secondary school students. Boosting young people’s interest in science is a priority for Europe to remain a knowledge-based economy fostering innovation.

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