Take part in Xperimania competitions and get a funny gadget – deadline extended to 31 May 2008

Secondary school students all over Europe have until 31 May, 2008 to participate in the Xperimania competitions. Each participant will get a fun gift for each entry submitted between 1 April and 31 May. Overall winners will receive media players and a trip to Belgium including a visit to one of the largest petrochemical research centres in Europe.

Explore the timeline of materials or create your own experiment

Teachers and students can either set up an easy and fun experiment in science to investigate the properties of materials, or explore a scientific discovery in the field of materials from 1800 to the present day.

In both competitions they should produce a digital resource describing their experiment or their findings in history of materials. The entries will be downloaded on the Xperimania website (www.xperimania.net), where they are available for everyone to explore.

The winners of both competitions are invited in the prize ceremony to Brussels in September 2008. During the two-day trip the winners will visit a chemistry research facility and meet top scientists in petrochemistry.

Benefits for teachers and students

Xperimania aims to combat students’ perception of chemistry by offering fun yet simple hands-on activities to help teachers revitalise their teaching, and raise awareness of petrochemistry. On the website teachers can find a range of materials, interactive tools, recommended resources and pedagogical guides to make science education a fun experience for students.

In addition, Xperimania proposes regular online expert chats on different topics. The next chat on “Toys – what are they made of ?” will be held on 25 April at 11.00 CET.  Schools can register to the chat by sending an email to xperimania@eun.org.

Taking part in Xperimania gives students and teachers the chance to:

• Explore and understand the wide variety of materials used in every day life, and to comprehend how the discovery of new materials has contributed to the evolution of many familiar objects
• Increase students’ motivation to make use of easy IT-based tools and to produce multimedia resources about discoveries based on their own research
• Give teachers an easy way to integrate modern tools into their teaching
• Take part in a fun activity as part of the main school curriculum
• Motivate pupils to explore the world scientifically and encourage them to think about a scientific career.

About the project

Xperimania is organised by the Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe (Appe), and coordinated by European Schoolnet on their behalf. All schools in the European Union, candidate countries and EFTA countries are invited to join in. Participating students must be aged 10-20 years old. It is free to participate. Visit www.xperimania.net and find all the background information and resources needed to get started.


For further information, please contact:
Dominique Maréchal – Appe / Cefic
Tel. +32 2 676 73 24

Alexa Joyce – European Schoolnet
Tel. + 32 2 790 7570