First Xperimania entries: Congratulations!

Xperimania welcomes the first entries to Competition 1, “Portrait of a Woman Chemist”. Discovering the pharmacist’s skills, the food industry and female experts in chemistry, participants from Romania and Bulgaria have sent in videos and presentations illustrating the role women play in chemistry. All entries can be viewed in the online gallery and are accessible to all schools.

Many students have already started to upload their contributions to Xperimania’s competitions. With Chemistry - a Never-Ending Metamorphosis and The Ins and Outs of Pharmacy, Romanian participants from "Vasile Alecsandri" High School interviewed women pharmacists to know more about their professional background, their daily life and the responsibilities that their job involves. The Feminine Part of Chemistry, a contribution from the same school, focuses on the profile of a food chemistry teacher, explaining how the food industry is one of chemistry’s many applications.

Students of "Vasil Levski" Secondary School of Foreign Language Teaching looked at some outstanding examples of women chemists who dedicated their entire lives to this discipline. Analysing their biography and achievements, pupils explored Seven Women Chemists’ Contributions to the Development of Chemistry as a Science.

Remarkable for their creativity, clarity and technical realization, these Xperimania portraits break the stereotype of chemistry as a world populated by male scientists and draw a different picture, in which women play an active and decisive part. Thanks to the use of subtitles and a brief description in English, the works are usable by all students and represent a good example to follow.

Don’t lose time: start preparing your contribution and spread your ideas!