Competition deadline extended and rewards for all

Seize the opportunity to take part in Xperimania before 15 October. Teachers will also be rewarded with Xperimania materials for their class!

With all students now back at school, we are happy to announce that they have two additional weeks to appear on the Xperimania leaderboard: the deadline for Xperimania competitions has been extended to 15 October 2011. This gives two weeks more for students to discover “the role of women in chemistry” and let their imaginations play. Students and teachers are encouraged to use all their expertise in different disciplines from art to science to technologies to enjoy the competitions.

Three competitions are organised. Select the most appropriate one and participate!

1. Write your story about a well-known female scientist in your country, grab your camera, edit the work and submit entries. Give you and your class the opportunity to investigate the fascinating world of chemistry and recognize the achievements and contribution of chemistry to the well-being of humankind.

2. Pick up your pen and design a postcard, a poster or, using new technologies, design a blog to start a campaign on women and chemistry.

3. Younger students can simply prepare some drawings illustrating how they see the role of women and their scientific careers and discoveries.

Good news for teachers who get strongly involved in the Xperimania activities! In addition to the prizes for the 12 winning entries, each participating teacher who submits more than 10 entries will receive a thank-you Xperimania package including UV beads, magic fish and periodic tables for their whole class!

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