Press Release

Xperimania: fun experiments and activities on materials and chemistry

Brussels, 25 September 2007. Have you ever wondered about the materials around you? Xperimania aims to help European teachers and students to explore the properties of materials, and understand some of the processes involved in creating materials used in every day objects like MP3 players, tennis rackets and sports shoes.

Lower and upper secondary school pupils aged 10-20 years old are invited to participate in a variety of activities and a competition designed to raise pupils’ awareness of how petrochemistry contributes to the development of modern materials. Taking part in Xperimania will:

• Help students to understand the wide variety of materials used in every day life and what goes into them
• Give teachers an easy way to integrate modern tools into their teaching
• Explain to teachers and pupils how the discovery of new materials has contributed to the evolution of many every day objects
• Show the importance of materials and the processes which create them
• Enable pupils to devise their own experiments related to petrochemistry to explore materials
• Motivate pupils to explore the world scientifically.

Offering attractive pedagogical activities and competitions, Xperimania is an opportunity to explore the topic of materials and set up experiments on its related fields with your class. On the website, you will find suggestions for experiments, teaching materials and resources, news articles and regular online chats with experts.

Xperimania is organised by the Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe (Appe), and coordinated by European Schoolnet on their behalf.

Who can join in?
All schools in the European Union, candidate countries and EFTA countries are invited to join in. Participating students must be aged 10-20 years old. It is free to participate. Visit the website and find all the background information and resources you need to get started. You can choose to get involved in one or both of these activities:

  • Timeline: Explore a scientific discovery in the field of materials from 1800 to the present day. With your students, investigate a discovery and produce a digital resource describing what you have found out about the discovery. Your entry should include a short text and a picture. You can also make a film, audio file, visual resources or text-based document to illustrate your work. Then, using easy tools, upload your work to the website where it will become part of an interactive timeline of discoveries in materials.
  • Competition: Set up an easy and fun experiment in science relating to petrochemistry and materials. We offer you some examples of experiments on the portal but you can also choose your own experimental setup - all experiments need to have properties (chemical or physical) and / or the chemistry of modern products as a focus. You are then invited to upload your lab report together with a video, or photographs on the website. All the submissions of the competition will be displayed in an online gallery and the best entries will be rewarded by a prize.

For further information, please contact:
Dominique Maréchal – Appe / Cefic – Tel. +32 2 676 73 24
Alexa Joyce – European Schoolnet - Tel. + 32 2 790 7570