Winners of Xperimania IV

The fourth edition of Xperimania, "Equality" was successfully completed!

The winners were:

  • Equality 1 – Portrait of a lady scientist

    First Prize: Rola kobiety w chemii (video)
    Country: Poland
    Students: Anna G., Aleksandra L., Aleksandra Z.
    School: Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Janusza Korczaka

    Second Prize: Interview Carmen Najera (video)
    Country: Spain
    Students: Lucia I., Marina N.
    School: IES Sixto Marco

    Third prize: A portrait of Prof. Marta Sališová, PhD. scientist and university teacher (PowerPoint presentation)
    Country: Slovakia
    Students: Roman P.
    School: The Associated Secondary School

  • Equality 2 – Awareness campaign on the role of women in chemistry

    First Prize: Girls + Chemistry = Success (PowerPoint presentation)
    Country: Lithuania
    Students: Natalija A., Anastasija S., Aida C.
    School: Vassily Kachalov Gymnasium

    Second Prize: Mujeres para la quimica (Blog)
    Country: Spain
    Students: Ioana C.
    School: I.e.s Secretari Coloma

    Third prize: Che'Miss'Try : The Skirts Behind the Science (Blog)
    Country: United Kingdom
    Students: Kiera N., Olivia C., Rebecca W.
    School: Bournemouth School for Girls


  • Equality 3 - Drawing of women and chemistry

    Starch or polymer? This is the question (Drawing)
    Country: Romania
    Students: Adrian V.
    School: Scoala cu clasele I-VIII "Andrei Saguna"

    Año de la quimica (Drawing)
    Country: Spain
    Students: Yago V.
    School: Colegio Manuel Peleteiro

    Infinity (Drawing)
    Country: Romania
    Student: Andreea O.
    School: Gimnaziul Liviu Rebreanu

    The mad Lab (Drawing)
    Country: Portugal
    Student: Rafael D.
    School: EBS Santa Maria

    Women and chemistry (Drawing)
    Country: Germany
    Student: Nikolas T.
    School: Heidelberg International School

    As mulheres dão um contributo cada vez mais importante para a ciência (Drawing)
    Country: Portugal
    Student: Francisca F.
    School: ESA Conservatório de Música do Porto

    Marie Curie é um exemplo para todas (Drawing)
    Country: Portugal
    Student: Petra A.
    School: ESA Conservatório de Música do Porto