Xperimania ambassadors visit sunny Alcanede in Portugal

The second stop on the Xperimania Science Ambassadors’ tour was the Alcanede middle school in Portugal. Xperimania ambassadors led two workshops, during which students and teachers had fun with science.

The Xperimania ambassadors were given a warm welcome by head teacher Helena Vieira, deputy-head Carmo Pronto and assistant-head Matilde Ferreira, who had made the application for the Xperimania Science Ambassadors’ visit along with her colleagues.

“We want to provide our students with new experiences and interesting moments when learning new subjects and sharing their knowledge. The school is located in a rural area, so we want to offer our students contact with the “outside world”. That’s why we applied for the Xperimania Ambassadors’ visit”, says Matilde, adding, “The whole school has been waiting for the ambassadors’ visit!”

During the two workshops students and teachers learned more about petrochemical products and their properties. They used scientific methods to learn how and why specific materials react and behave under various conditions.

The ambassadors wanted to show that it is possible to create real hands-on science lessons even without a science lab. By communicating in English scattered with a few Portuguese words, the ambassadors and students also demonstrated that language is not a barrier to science.

The school’s chemistry and physics teachers, Carla Almeida and Laura Bento participated in the workshops along with a total of 53 students aged 13-15. The ambassadors wished that they had had enough time to invite the rest of the school’s 300 students to join the workshops also – perhaps next year!