A successful start for the Xperimania Ambassadors’ tour in Maramureş, Romania

The Xperimania Science Ambassadors received a warm welcome on their first school visit in the Traian Vuia school in Tăuţii Măgherăuş, Maramureş, Romania. Both students and teachers enjoyed the Xperimania workshops and learned more about Chemistry and Physics through fun experiments.

During the one-day visit, Xperimania ambassadors held four workshops attended by more than 80 students. Both students and teachers benefitted from hands-on experiments, which helped them to discover different materials and their properties and also to see how they behave in under various everyday circumstances. The ambassadors also showed the students methods followed by scientists in their daily work.

The students of Maramureş left a very positive impression on the visiting ambassadors, as they were disciplined, interested, pro-active and motivated, as shown by the many pictures featuring smiling faces and students hard at work.

“We managed to demonstrate that science can be fun,” says Ann Whent, representing the Association of Petrochemical Producers in Europe (APPE).

“We are confident that this kind of workshop will help some students choose to continue their education in science. There are many job opportunities waiting for them!”

“It was impressive how, in spite of the language barrier, the pupils were able to follow the explanations and participate so actively,” says one ambassador.

“Also the teachers were very active. Sometimes it was difficult to stop them from answering the questions themselves – they wanted to be students as well!”

According to one of the teachers this was “an important event in the school and in the life of the small town” showing that the ambassadors’ visit had been well prepared. People from the local council, including the town’s mayor, Anton Ardelean, were present at the school to welcome the Xperimania Ambassadors. Furthermore several people from the school inspectorate, such as  chemistry school inspector Maria Loghin and Ligia Durus, Inspector Cooperation International, as well as Rogoz Violin, Commander of the local Police Department, were introduced to the ambassadors. Last, but by no means least, members of the local press were invited by the school to attend the workshops and to report on, take photos of and film the event. 

It was not only the winning school that profited from the workshops, they also invited neighbouring schools to participate in the final workshop. Other pupils attending came from Vasile Lucaciu National College, the Avram Iancu and Dr. Victor Banes Schools in Baia Mare, the Ion Siugariu School in Baita, the Nistru School, and the Gheorghe Lazar School in Zalau.

The school community demonstrated how important it was to them to be among the lucky few selected for the Xperimania workshops by offering the Science Ambassadors a very pleasant stay in Maramureş. To close the excellent day, teachers Aneta Pop and Franciska Szilagyi, who had successfully applied for the ambassadors’ visit, organised a visit to a local museum as well as a traditional Romanian dinner for the ambassadors, some school teachers and the mayor of the town.