Resources: background information

You can have fun learning about chemistry! This is a selection of useful resources focusing on petrochemistry and materials. This set of teaching and learning resources aims to help teachers prepare lessons and give students further background information on the key themes of the project. These resources are available in various formats including Web links, quizzes and online games.
An English language website provided by the Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe, including a glossary, facts and figures, and news about petrochemistry.

Petrochemichals Make Things Happen Poster
This poster traces the main steps between petrochemicals and consumer goods and can be ordered by email for the classroom from the Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe.
An interactive version of this flowchart is also available here providing definitions and links to other websites for more in-depth information.

Appe Concertina
This fancy tool is designed to promote the myriad of applications made possible by petrochemistry. Copies can be obtained by email.

Solvents Family Brochure
The European Solvents Industry Group provides this colourful explicative brochure describing the role of solvents in every day life. Copies can be ordered by email.

Cefic is the European Chemical Industry Council. Their website gives all kinds of background information on chemistry in English.

The Cefic Quiz
Test your knowledge of science by taking just ten questions. This quiz is provided by Cefic in English.

The Big Names
The Big Names is an interactive guide to Scientists who have changed the world of Science. It’s an attractive Flash-based timeline produced by Cefic.

Petrochemistry fact sheet
This energy website provides facts about petrochemistry, and an online animated guide to petrochemical processes.

An educational website in all EU languages on the role of plastic in energy efficiency.

Chemistry and You
Discover how much you couldn't live without chemistry, present everywhere you are and in everything you do.

Carbon Footprint calculator
This tool will help you understand your carbon footprint and how it may be influenced by your lifestyle.

Manage the energy needs of a city in a new online game provided by Chevron and the Economist magazine. Available in English.

World of energy – DuPont
DuPont, the company famous for many discoveries in chemistry offers this interactive guide in English to innovative technologies for energy.

The UK Royal Society of Chemistry offers this comprehensive site for teachers and pupils at all school levels. Many resources are available for free download in PDF format.