Xperimania chat in German: How does the automotive industry rely on petrochemicals?

The next Xperimania chat on 23 March at 11.00 CET will focus on how the automotive industry benefits from the research and innovations of the chemicals industry. Petrochemical and derivative products account for nearly 1/3 of the material costs in a light vehicle. Chemistry also makes drivers’ days easier in the form of rubber tyres, antifreeze and other fluids. The expert in this German-speaking chat, Mr Ulrich Nies, Head of Information Coordination and Automotive Communications BASF, answers students’ questions about the properties of petrochemicals used in transport.

After graduating in Journalism, Politics and Law, Ulrich Nies started his career as a journalist. In 1985 he joined the BASF Public Relations Department and has since been active in various areas, such as internal communication, Corporate Communications for Europe and the Communications Department of BASF Lacke+Farben AG.

As the head of the “Information Coordination” unit, Ulrich Nies is responsible for the News and Issues management and the coordination of the company's Market Communication and  Automotive Industry Branch Communication. He is also a member of BASF's Global Automotive Steering Committee.

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