Chats overview and calendar

The Xperimania chat sessions address classes that are led by one or more teachers and aim at promoting awareness of all aspects of petrochemistry. Since these chats bring together key European personalities and classes from different European countries, they may enhance a lesson focusing on a significant subject.


6 November 2008, 14.00 CET, Chat (in Spanish)
Tackling the challenge of climate change

20 January 2009, !! 11.00 CET !!, Chat (in English)
(Petro)Chemicals - who needs them?

5 February 2009, 14.00 CET, Chat (in French)
How are chemicals used in art restoration?

23 March 2009, 11.00 CET, Chat (in German)
How does the automotive industry rely on petrochemicals?

The teachers who wish to take part in a chat with their classes should register by sending an email in English at: