(Petro)Chemicals – who needs them?

Try it out - are you able to live a week or even a day without using or coming into contact with petrochemicals? British science journalist Andy Brice took up the challenge and will share his experience with students on the next Xperimania chat “(Petro)chemicals – who needs them?” on 20 January 2009 at 11.00 CET.

Petrochemicals are the building blocks for most modern materials. Many of the objects you use, handle or wear daily could not be produced without them. Andy’s challenge wasn’t that easy to win.

After graduating in journalism, Andy Brice worked as a reporter on electrical engineering magazines Electrical review and Electrical Times in the UK. In 2004 Andy joined ICIS Chemical Business (formerly European Chemical News) as a Markets Reporter. Currently he is working in ICIS as Markets Editor, responsible for the pricing pages and writing news and features. He is also a regular contributor to ICIS TV and ICIS radio.

Living without polypropylene for a week – Cold turkey by Andy Brice (Source: ICB 14.5.2008)

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