Check out the property!

Secondary school students aged 10-20 years old, in groups of maximum 2 or 3, are invited to participate in the ‘Check out the property!’ competition.

What does it mean when material X has property Y? How do we prove that material X actually has property Y? Focusing on specific properties as a starting point, students are encouraged to learn about a chosen property, the materials that comprise it and its use in every-day objects through easy and fun experiments.

Students will research the chosen property, find out a way to test it and explain the results in a clear and structured way in order to enable others to understand it and to learn from the presented example. The lab report of the test process presentation - with picture(s) and eventually video or other multimedia - will be uploaded on the website and displayed in the online gallery.

Choose your experiment from the left-side menu or design your own experimental setup (see the list of properties and materials).

The competition is now closed. Thank you for your participation! See the winners. 

‘Check out the property!’ continues as a non-competitive school activity. All new submission will be displayed in the online gallery.

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OŠ Antona Globočnika Postojna

OŠ Antona Globočnika Postojna

chimica insieme
istituto comprensivo Don milani

Determination viscosity of liquids
Maths and Science High School "Nancho Popovich"


Propiedades de los plásticos petroquímicos: absorbents
Colegio Nuestra Señora del Remedio

Propiedades de los plásticos petroquímicos
Colegio Nuestra Señora del Remedio

Propiedades de la Espuma de Poliuretano
Colegio Nuestra Señora del Remedio

La Conservación de los Alimentos
Colegio Nuestra Señora del Remedio


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