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Xperimania winners announced: European students show how to make science fun

Interest in their baby cousins’ nappies has brought victory for Jack M and Nicola B from Glasgow, UK, in the Xperimania school competition. The 'Check out the property!' competition, run via the Xperimania website, aimed to promote science education with easy and fun experiments on properties, materials and their impact on daily life.

Xperimania has published an eTwinning project kit

The Xperimania project kit is now available on the eTwinning home page ( The ready made project kit provides a step-by-step guide for teachers to conduct Xperimania activities or participate in the attractive competition!

Xperimania activities in Physics and Chemistry for a whole class

The first entries in this year’s Xperimania competition “Check out the property” show a good example of how to benefit of the activities in a class room: in the French Collège La Fontaine several groups of students under the guidance of their teacher, conducted the same experiment on electrical insulation and uploaded the lab reports to the online gallery on

Xperimania science competition for schools: explore the properties of every day objects

To help teachers make science lessons more fun and interesting, Xperimania, now in its second year, will concentrate on the properties of familiar objects and how chemistry contributes to them. Xperimania is for 10-20 year old students in secondary schools from across Europe, and aims to boost their interest in science, which is a priority for Europe to remain a knowledge-based economy fostering innovation.

Xperimania II: the benefits of chemistry in every day life

The second year of Xperimania, a campaign to raise young people’s interest in chemistry, will be launched early October 2008 following the prize ceremony for the school year 2007-2008. This year’s competition activity will concentrate on the properties of materials: Why are some products resistant to shocks, stains or flames? Students are asked to focus on every day objects and their specific properties.

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