Xperimania activities in Physics and Chemistry for a whole class

The first entries in this year’s Xperimania competition “Check out the property” show a good example of how to benefit of the activities in a class room: in the French Collège La Fontaine several groups of students under the guidance of their teacher, conducted the same experiment on electrical insulation and uploaded the lab reports to the online gallery on www.xperimania.net.

The “Check out the property!” competition is open for secondary school students aged 10-20 years old. In groups of maximum 2 or 3 they need to research a property – such as lightweight, water resistance or energy efficiency (a list of properties is provided on the website) - find out a way to test it and explain the results in a clear and structured way in a lab report. The lab report uploaded on the Xperimania online gallery should be accompanied with an image, video or other multimedia documentation of the test process.

All the submissions uploaded on the website before 22 May 2009 will be evaluated and the best entries will be awarded with a personal media player for each student and a stipend for their school to be spent on scientific classroom resources.

Further information and the online gallery: