Xperimania returns with "TALK2US"

Join our 5th year of Xperimania!

Xperimania is back for the fifth year with “TALK2US”. For this 2012-2013 edition, EPCA (European Petrochemical Association), Appe (Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe) and Cefic (The European Chemical Industry Council) have decided to join forces in talking to students on the attractiveness of chemical sciences and the exciting future in terms of careers.

Industry is more dedicated to education than ever. Too few students opt for STEM studies and this results in the fact that companies are facing recruitment problems whilst at the same time competing for talents. Thus the need to introduce students to careers in industry at an early age, as well as to get them more interested in pursuing Science studies is crucial. In order to achieve this goal, industry needs to work closer with education than before.

In this context Xperimania V “TALK2US” has been created with the aim to increase students’ awareness and understanding of chemistry in their everyday lives. Four online chats and mini competitions will be organized until May 2013 featuring a number of topics and experts. The industry experts are already looking forward to getting a better understanding of young people’s perception of sustainable chemistry, and they can’t wait to get started with the first on-line chat on 25 October.

Background articles and supporting materials (eg. video) will be prepared by the experts for the teachers and students to go through a few weeks before the chat. This way, students will be able to inform themselves about the topic and prepare questions for the experts beforehand.

The chats will be led by 1 to 3 experts and will last 1 hour 30.
During the chats, students/classes and the expert(s) will connect to an online tool and communicate through it. Students will be able to type their questions to the expert(s) which will be visible to all the other participants as well. The expert(s) will be broadcast through a webcam and they will be answering the questions orally. A transcript of the chat will be available online in the weeks following.

Right after each chat, a competition will be opened for one month where students are invited to submit a “lessons learned” document explaining how the chat fits into their curriculum, how it broadened their horizons, what they learned from the experience and how they could implement their learned lessons in their lives.
For each competition, a jury will select the three winners who will receive a prize, along with their teachers.

Join Xperimania V with your class and participate to the first online chat on 25 October 2012!