Industry Experts

Graeme Wallace, Cefic Sector Group Manager Fuel Oxygenates – Industry Sector Petrochemistry

Graeme received his doctorate and bachelor degrees in chemistry from the University of Edinburgh. He started his career with Mobil Oil before moving to Ethyl Corporation where he progressed through a range of fuel and lubricant research, product development and management positions. He joined Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council in 2001 where his fuels experience led to him becoming involved with Fuel Oxygenates.

Cécile Favre, AECC (Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst) Technology and Communications Officer.

Cécile is a Chemical and Process Engineer and has been working for 13 years in the automotive aftertreatment before joining AECC in 2007. AECC is an international non-profit scientific association of European companies making technologies for engine exhaust emissions control.

Loredana Ghinea, Cefic Manager for Innovation Policy and Emerging Science

With a background in Political Science, with a particular focus on EU affairs, Loredana Ghinea is Manager for Innovation Policy and Emerging Science in Cefic. As such she is involved in formulating the engagement of the chemical industry in shaping the appropriate environment for a sustainable and competitive EU manufacturing industry.