The fourth competition, linked to the chat and video "Science: where can it take you?" is open from 29 May 2013 until 29 June 2013.

This time the competition will be for teachers and for students.


are invited to submit a lessons plan (one lesson, or a sequence of lessons) using the video "Science: where can it take you?". Thus, the lesson plan should show how the video could be used in the classroom.

The document should mention:
- The length of the lesson and numbers of pupils that should be involved
- The age/level of the students
- Pre- and post-activities (describe the activities thoroughly), e.g. activities linked to Science careers, activities motivating students to study Science
- The added value of the video in the lesson

A jury will select the three winning teachers who will receive Amazon vouchers worth of 100 Eur, 75 Eur and 50 Eur. Additionally, the three winners will win a trip to the inGenious Summer School which will take place 23 - 25 August 2013 in Barcelona. If the winners are inGenious pilot teachers who already have a place at the Summer School then they can give their place to someone else.

Every teacher is welcome to participate in this competition, even if they did not participate to the live chat. They can re-listen to the chat and read the transcript of it shortly after the chat.


are invited to submit a few slides (or an essay, a Video etc.) to show:
- why / why not they would like to be a Scientist in the future
- What kind of job they would like to do
- What they expect from a career in Science

A jury will select the three winning students who will receive Amazon vouchers worth of 50 Eur.

If you want to submit a lesson plan, in the boxes about "your pupil's name", please just write NA (not applicable) as the information is irrelevant.

The same submission form can be used for both teacher and student submissions.

Good luck and thank you for your participation.