Guidelines for chat participants

Getting prepared
• Register for the chat session as soon as it is scheduled.
• Before the chat, go through the specific online resources related to the topic to prepare your pupils for the online discussion.
• Discuss the chat topic with your pupils and select the most suitable questions they wish to ask, fitting into the general chat theme. Encourage your students to share their ideas.
• Divide your class into two or three small groups for the chat session.
• For each group, appoint a leader who will type questions. The group leaders should have a good knowledge of the chat language and should be able to type quickly and accurately.
• To get familiar with the chat application, a test session will be organised in advance.

Joining the chat session
• Double-check which is the correct time for your time zone.
• Launch your browser (Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera) and confirm audio works.
• The link to the chat will be sent to registered teachers 48 hours before the event. (The tool used for the chat: Elluminate)
• Click on the URL provided by email.
• Log on at least 10 minutes before the start.
• Type your username (nickname) and password to access the chatroom.
• Remind your student leaders to be fast, accurate and type short sentences.
• The questions of the other participating schools may interest your pupils. Ask them to follow the entire online dialogue and not to focus only on the answers to their questions.
• Close the chat window when done.

Guidelines for students
• Prepare your questions beforehand with your teacher.
• Note that your native language may not be the chat language. If you are a native speaker, use simple words and keep your message short and to the point; the others may be non-native speakers and might use a dictionary while chatting.
• Allow enough time for the guests to read, think, and type before posting a question again.
• Never give out private information such as home phone numbers, addresses and passwords.
• Be respectful towards each other and each others’ questions.