The competitions are closed! Thank you to all participants for their contributions. The winners in Equality 1 and 2 will be invited to the Award Ceremony taking place in Brussels on 21 November. All the winners are announced here.

Over the last 3 years Xperimania has successfully run outreach projects in secondary schools across Europe on a variety of chemistry, particularly petrochemistry, topics. Within the framework of the International Year of Chemistry - IYC - 2011, Xperimania is organising two competitions on the “role of women in chemistry”.

Students are invited to participate in the competitions, which are directly linked to the theme of the IYC: “Chemistry – our life, our future”. The proposed activities can be integrated either into lessons (such as science, language or social sciences) or can be organised as a cross-curriculum activity involving several teachers.

The competitions are open to students aged 13-21 years old for competition 1 and 2, and 6-12 years old for competition 3. The objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness of the role of women in chemistry.
  • Increase the interest of female students in the subject.
  • Fight the stereotype that chemistry is a “male subject” both at school and as a career choice.

The competitions will be open from 14 February until 15 October 2011, with prizes being awarded in both.

You can download the Equality brochures from the Press material section.

Competitions 1 and 2:
First prize in each competition: Teacher and winning students will be invited to a two-day trip in Brussels, in order to attend a prize giving ceremony in November. Additionally, each of the winning students will receive a digital camera.
Second and third prizes in each competition: a multimedia device for each of the winning students.

Competition 3:
The six best entries will be awarded prizes. The winning students will get an Xperimania kit, containing: 1 bug lollipop, 1 small growing dinosaur, 1 mighty seltzer rocket!

In addition to these prizes, Xperimenia will reward all 12 classes of the winning students with fun and educational materials to explore the world of science and chemistry.

The material box will contain:
• UV Beads to make 30 bracelets
• 30 Fortune fish
• 30 Mini sticks
• 30 Small Heat sensitive periodic tables
• 50 g of Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Polymers Growing Spheres

Portrait of a woman chemist

To apply, students should formulate a portrait of a woman from their country who has a career in chemistry or petrochemistry.

Create a campaign on women and chemistry

To submit an entry in this category, students and teachers are required to design an awareness-raising campaign to increase the interest of female students in chemistry.

Make a poster on women and chemistry

To take part in this category, young pupils are invited to make a poster on the topic “women and chemistry”, expressing their vision on the theme.


Rules for the competitions


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